About Xerophytes


I am currently a PhD student in Queen Mary, University of London. Much of my time are dedicated inside the lab, working on experiments, analysing data and trying to find some groundbreaking results. I graduated BS-Biology in De La Salle University, Manila (Philippines), then did BSc-Genetics in Cardiff University (Wales, UK) and now, doing protein crystallography.

For some of you, this can be quite boring. And I also do thing, there are more things that I can explore, other than inside the four corners of lab. That is why, I also enjoy going out, looking at the world. I love travelling. I especially love seeing the wonders of nature. And I love taking photos.

So here in my photoblog, I'm sharing to you some of the captured moments. I tried to freeze the time using my camera to let you see what my eyes saw.

I recently bought a digital SLR, so I'm still in the process of trying to gain some skills and learn to shoot better.

Photography Equipment

Camera: Nikon D60

Lens 1 : 18mm-55mm Nikon kit lens
Lens 2 : 50mm F/1.4 AF-S Nikon prime lens
Lens 3 : 70mm-300mm Nikon lens

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop C3, PTGUI, Photomatix

Primary interests:

Landscape and Candid Street/Urban