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Shaahin Bahremand on Faces and mirrors
wow ! magnificent shot

Curly on Kenji the Dog
Hey man, kinda missed your work. Time for a comeback?

Soheil on Kenji the Dog
nice shot well done

Hamed on Door's open
Some photos of yours (like this one), makes me stop and watch them almost for minutes... You've got ur own ...

ISO on Kenji the Dog
nice colors and composition.

Céline on Kenji the Dog
Tres belle capture !

Sidney on Kenji the Dog
This looks like a very inteligent dog !

lili on Kenji the Dog
Amazing! Great Color!

shahrzad on Kenji the Dog
OMG beautiful

Karthik on Lord Muruga
May the divine Blessings of Lord Muruga shower upon you at all times. Peace, Light

shoti on Crying Kid

Stephen on Kenji the Dog
Very proud and loyal looking dog!

pete on Kenji the Dog
very noble looking K9, nice image...

DowsherVision on Kenji the Dog
Nice shot !

DaveB on Kenji the Dog
Cool dog!

Bill Laing on Kenji the Dog
Very proud looking guy.

Walter on Kenji the Dog
Everyone deserves a good companion. Mine is asleep right now next to my chair. Can't beat them. Nice capture.

Steve Rice on Kenji the Dog
A beautiful fellow!

Anne on Icy Bangor
pretty dramatic, pretty nice...

Anne on On a Mission
P.I. at work...perfect moment caught!

Anne on Charging Mode
:)) hehe !! :)

Anne on Kenji the Dog
Lovely composition and colours...beautiful processing !

CElliottUK on Kenji the Dog
very alert little chap

Veronique on Kenji the Dog
great treatment on the color

Ronnie 2¢ on No Mommy, No Money
So lovely . . if only Life could stay this simple . . .

Sonia Nansid on No Mommy, No Money
She must be the mother!

Curly on No Mommy, No Money
Are they begging, or is this a mother and children? Good documentary.

CElliottUK on No Mommy, No Money
Not nice, really not nice(Not the shot, the content)

Veronique on No Mommy, No Money
are they beggars ? a bit sad

حسن صنوبری on White Tulips I
and so much it ...

حسن صنوبری on White Tulips II
i like this color

حسن صنوبری on No Mommy, No Money
اوه اوه

fabrizio on Crying Kid
lovely and sad at same time

Hil on No Mommy, No Money
a very good shot. the situation is so tender... :)))

Sonia Nansid on Crying Kid
Poor little one!

CElliottUK on Crying Kid
Where's my Mum gone?!

Ronnie 2¢ on Crying Kid
What a wonderful little moment . . totally adorable image.

Veronique on Crying Kid
lovely stockings !

philip earl on Ghost?
i see ~

Theys roland on Ghost?
Nice shot!

S. Fann on Charging Mode
yes hahahaha charging mode indeed, wickedly-fierce-looking HA. lovely framing piece of work.

Sonia Nansid on Ghost?
Your ghost looks like a lion!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Ghost?
Who that ?!!

Randell Benavidez on Ghost?
You'll shit bricks when you see it.

Veronique on Ghost?
...where ?

CElliottUK on Ghost?
looks real enough to me

Sunder on Charging Mode
Nice shot! Love the title...

CElliottUK on Charging Mode
He ain't happy!

Stephen on Enjoyin Company
Great capture of the moment. I like the company - of the group sitting in the background - as well as the the two in ...

Veronique on Dancing
beautiful !!

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